NP Tech is one of the units operating in the field of manufacturing and trading electrical and telecommunications equipment, supplies, and accessories in Vietnam.

Energy: NP Tech provides solar power systems, invests in modern technology solutions in the field of construction, projects, factories, solar power systems.

Electrical equipment: NP Tech is currently a regular and reputable supplier for member Power companies under the Vietnam Electricity Group, construction and trading companies, industrial electrical works, industrial zones in Vietnam.

HDPE, uPVC pipes: NP Tech is an enterprise specializing in manufacturing and supplying HDPE twisted plastic pipes, uPVC pipes, protection of electrical and telecommunications cables in Vietnam. NP Tech has been constantly developing a customer network in the fields of Construction, Electricity, and telecommunications in all three regions of the North, Central and South.

During the journey of construction and development, NP Tech is always proud of owning a team of officials, employees, administrators, with high professional and technical qualifications with many years of experience, always taking Enthusiastic and enthusiastic in work. The staff, employees, and administrators are the most valuable assets and an important factor in promoting the strong and continuous development of NP Tech.